10 Powerful Marketing Ideas To Attract New customers In Africa

Marketing Ideas To Attract New customers

10 Powerful Marketing Ideas To Attract New customers In Africa:

Powerful Marketing ideas are essential to the survival of small businesses. For the small businesses to survive the harsh competition presented by the enormous resources at the disposal of the big companies or businesses, they will have to be smart.

By being smart I mean that they should be able to do some of the things the big shots will not be able to do and achieve the same results.

In most of our articles on marketing, we usually tell you that marketing is an essential part of business. Unless you are able to get people to know about your products, they will be of little or no value to you.

To attract new customers and keep your old customers, you will have develop marketing ideas that will enable you do that.

Marketing Ideas To Attract New customers

Imagine yourself attaining that height you have always dreamed of. It doesn’t come very easy but it is achievable. It is very achievable my friend.

Despite the difficulties facing these small businesses and the consequent demise of some of them, some of them are still doing wonderfully well. Their secret is quite simple. They were able to follow certain marketing ideas that helped them keep their customers and attract new customers.

You too can do the same. Follow these marketing strategies we have listed below.

10 powerful marketing ideas to attract customers in Africa

  1. Take your marketing and advertising efforts online

The importance of the internet can never be over-emphasized. A lot of people have taken their businesses online in order to survive the market. It is even true that people now use the internet more than they use the traditional media.

More people watch Youtube videos more than they watch the television. On the other hand, more people read online news content more than the read the traditional newspapers and magazines.

What does this tell you? It is time to take your business online and advertise it there. It is one of the powerful marketing ideas in the twenty first century.

You can advertise with Google, you can do that with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media outlets. You can also open a website for your business.

The online opportunities are just endless.

  1. Begin a referral or reward program for your existing customers

You can start a referral program to fast track people’s knowledge of your product. This is as a result of the fact that word of the mouth does not come automatically.

You are expected to give enough incentives to your existing customers so that they bring in more customers for you. It is as if you are creating networkers for your company.

The more customers they bring for you, the more reward they get. It becomes a win-win situation for you and your customers. They get their rewards and you my friend; undoubtedly get your new customers.

All you need to do is to give your customers enough reason to market your business for you.

If you have listed your supposed powerful marketing ideas and there is no referral or reward strategy, I’m telling you that you have to rewrite it. This is the real deal.

  1. Word-of-mouth works

People naturally like talking and this is even predominant in Africa. You should use it to your advantage.

Word of mouth advertising is probably the oldest form of advertising. It is quite old school but it still holds its importance today despite the fact the world is dominated by technology.

Satisfy a customer, even without any incentive and they will naturally talk about your product or services. If you are into hair making and hair accessories sales and you take care of a sister well, my brother, my sister, expect the girl to brag about the best stylist in town and expect customers influx.

It is like that with virtually everything. You know how we do it here. All you need to do is to wow your customers and expect them to do magic. Satisfied customers are one of the most effective ways to market your products.

If you are going to consider mouth to mouth strategy as one of your powerful marketing ideas in Africa, you are expected to know the levels of customer satisfaction.

There are two levels. In the first instance, you have to sell a product that solves a problem. Your product has to be very great. Secondly, you are expected to treat your customers as kings and queens. Give them great attention and expect them to shout your name from the rooftop.

  1. Word of Mouth via Influencers (Celebrities)

Now your product is great, your customer service is amazing, it is time to reach out to influencers. These could be leaders of industries and top celebrities. They have heavy following and if they can say a word for you, you are on your way to heaven baby.

It doesn’t come easy though. If you can afford them, it wouldn’t be a big problem.

We assuming you cannot afford them. What do you do then? Start following them on social media, patiently engage in conversations with them if you can, like and share their posts and offer free services to them.

All you will need is for them to put up a kind word for you. It really works. It is a blockbuster in the powerful marketing ideas available to small businesses.

  1. Give out free stuff and see the wonders involved

Have you ever wondered why many big start-ups begin the free stuff idea? It is because everybody likes free things.

Learn to start with giving free stuff and see what your business becomes. You can use the buy 3 and get 1 free style. It attracts customers. You should try it out.

  1. Offer discounts and deals

Just like free stuff, discounts and deals work well too if managed very well. They are another creative and low-cost way to attract new customers fast to your business without necessary having to spend millions.

It is largely regarded as an opportunity to save money and enjoy great products by the customers. You should exploit it.

  1. Offer discounts and deals

Just like free stuff, discounts and deals work well too if managed very well. They are another creative and low-cost way to attract new customers fast to your business without necessary having to spend millions.

It is largely regarded as an opportunity to save money and enjoy great products by the customers. You should exploit it.

Discounts and deals usually have ways of influencing customers to buy more products or services than they initially planned. This is because they love to ‘take the opportunity’ because the same products may not be so cheap tomorrow.

Offering deals and discounts are also regarded as a powerful way to publicize your brand. It is one of the powerful marketing ideas in Africa.

  1. Start a Contest or competition

Appeal to the competitive nature of your customers. Everybody likes to win. Use it to your advantage.

Start a contest and announce the prize and set the rules of the game that will allow you be the ultimate winner of the contest. It is part of the powerful marketing ideas that is tested and trusted.

Just work within your means and you will emerge victorious at the end.

  1. Get an Active Website

This is the twenty first century, get a website already. The size of your business notwithstanding, you need an active website. Even if it is a single page, get your website running and well managed.

Our world is much more connected now than it ever was because of the effects of the internet. Most people simply use the internet nowadays when they need to find a product or service.

What you should fight for is that when customers are looking for a particular product in your area, they will be able to find you in the internet. It brings you to customers that you never knew about.

Owning your own website is no longer a luxury that only big companies enjoy. The internet has now made it possible for everybody to enjoy the opportunity of getting found.

Everybody is cuing in; you should be among them because it is an important aspect of the powerful marketing ideas needed to attract customers in this part of the world.

  1. Use the Social Media to engage customers

Most people are on social media and the social media has become such a convenient method of attracting new customers for businesses across a wide variety of verticals.

You can use any of the five biggest social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn for your business marketing. You can exploit both the free and paid options. You just can’t miss out on this.

  1. Get Listed on Popular Local Directories

As a result of the internet, small businesses can be listed for free on local directories.

The implication is that when a small business is registered on a local directory, people around the world can find it on the map and view its contact information. The best part is, I know you will like this, you don’t have to pay anything to become registered on these directories. Some of the most popular ones out there are VConnect, Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Places.

We will also want know how you attract customers in Africa. Share your methods with us. Share your ideas with us. We will appreciate that. Let us know how powerful your marketing ideas are compared to these powerful marketing ideas listed on top. Share to help others too.

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