5 Marketing Mistakes You Make That Make Sales Dwindle In Nigeria

5 Marketing Mistakes

5 Marketing Mistakes You Make That Make Sales Dwindle In Nigeria:

Salesmanship or marketing is an intricate aspect of any business organization. It is meant to be an art mastered by the artist. When it is not going well with you in sales or marketing generally, it probably because of these marketing mistakes you make.

People sometimes confuse activity with progress. It is very faulty to do that. That you are busy every day doesn’t mean you are achieving much. You have to close businesses in the process of the activity.

5 Marketing Mistakes

To get the best out of your marketers or you are a marketer yourself, it is advised that you avoid certain things. We have put together a list of 5 marketing mistakes you make to help you achieve more in marketing.

Marketing Mistakes You Make That Affect Your Sales

  1. Lack of knowledge of the buyers’ goal

One of the many marketing mistakes you make is that you failed to understand the goal of the buyers. When you want to make sales to people, companies and other business entities, it is best you do a little research especially when it is a high-level sale.

There is always a goal of buying a product or service and it will form a core part of the argument in favor of your product or service.

When you realize that you are probably not the only person offering those products and services, you have to find a way to show them that whatever you are offering solves their problems.

In essence, your offer has to be line with their goals and objectives. You have to convince them that it will benefit them beyond their imagination.

  1. Lack of knowledge who makes buying decisions

Most times, sellers spend a lot of time and energy talking to people without real decision-making ability regarding your product. It is one of the marketing mistakes you make and it should be avoided.

Many people spend a lot of time in the lower ladder who cannot tell you yes but can outrightly tell you know. You will need to do your research very well so as to avoid wasting time on people who cannot make buying decisions.

Find the right people and invest your time and energy in them and you will have whatever answer you need to either move on with the negotiation or put them aside.

3. Your failure to create key player visions

You will do well to remember that executives don’t want to be limited to product pitches. However, they do want to work with marketers who enable them to understand why certain desired outcomes and goals. The sellers who help them understand that certain barriers existed are always patronized.

One of the marketing mistakes you make therefore is trying to avoid the creation of key player visions.

When you create key player visions, you empower the buyers and that helps you make wholesome sales.

  1. You fail to add compelling value

One of the marketing mistakes you make is that you fail to add value, a compelling one, to the people who will buy from you. The buyers want to see that the cost of what you are offering is more than justified by potential savings.

The truth is that there is serious competition between your company and other vendors. More importantly, there is also competition for funds.

If a seller can build a formidable cost versus benefit analysis, the buyer can go out of his way to find the fund for an unbudgeted initiative. He can do this through some means such as reallocating money, borrowing, etc.

The bottom line is that you will make an impossible sale possible by building a strong cost

  1. Don’t think proposals amount to sales

Submitting a proposal to a potential buyer does not necessarily amount to sales. One of the marketing mistakes you make is thinking it is.

It is very natural to get excited when you gain traction and interest within organizations. I say, relax, take a deep breath and plot your move carefully. If the contact that got to you is a non-decision maker, it will be foolhardy not to gain access to higher levels.

You will go through need development, offer proof and then provide copies of proposals that their contact will circulate to higher levels and implore those people to read them.

Now imagine what can happen during this time and when a decision is made. Below are things that will probably happen:

  • Key players don’t have the time to read proposals.
  • Key players try to read them and don’t understand offerings or potential value.
  • The seller’s contact is told there’s no budget.
  • The proposal hangs in the pipeline for more than 60 days.

You see why you need people at the decision-making cadre. You cannot sell to people who cannot buy. My submission is that without key players, unsolicited proposals can be a gross waste of time.

If you can avoid these marketing mistakes you make, you will definitely have more success in closing sales.

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