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Busta 929 Reveals what he wants People to Remember About Mpura

Busta 929 Reveals what he wants People to Remember About Mpura

Busta 929 Reveals what he wants People to Remember About Mpura

A tribute to the fallen tree, a giant of talent, master of adlibs and slique flows, the lyricist at most! Busta 929 presents Umsebenzi Wethu EP Tribute to Mpura. A journey through the six track EP, giving us glimpse of the life Busta 929 shared with Mpura.

The first track needs no intro as it speaks for itself, a powerful piercing chant that had people going crazy every time it came on, it is the perfect intro to the Umsebenzi Wethu EPInterlude features Lady Du and Almighty’s vocals alongside the amazing cords caressing the song to the perfect produced harmony it is, a perfect intro!

Track two is Usizo featuring the late legend himself Mpura, Sje Konka andThembii N, it tells a story of an African child seeking help to be released from the shackles of drug abuse. Mpura was known for sharing real life stories impacting the youth with his lyrics, this song is motivation to turn your life around with everything you may be going through ask for help and push to succeed.

Third track is titled Mamaye, a song of appreciation to parents especially mothers for all the sacrifices they make for their families. This song is basically a song of gratitude, a big thank you to our parents with Soulful G harmonising, Mzu MMgiftoz SA bringing the lyrics this song becomes the perfect dedication and a great song of thanks.

It is not always easy to approach the girl of your dreams, sometimes you may try to find the words but get tongue twisted, need not to worry mfana wathupa,Almighty & Mgiftoz SA have your back with this jam titled Nompumelelo, a song for the pretty lady in your life, something I like to call ‘amapiano love song’.  

The song that will heal the nation and bring us together bringing us to track 5 titled Ngixolele, a phenomenal song with lyrical brilliance that drives it to be the national anthem it is. The featured vocalist Boohle brings her African authenticity to the song which is a clear illustration on how we pray to God. This song is a soothing herb for the soul, transmitted from one ear drum to the other travelling through to touch and mend the soul.

The last song on the EP is Umsebenzi Wethu 2.0 the remake of the Umsebenzi Wethu with a few tweaks here and there still with the best verse ever fromMpura wadi bedtime stories, the featured artists still remain with their verses and chorus only thing different is the instrumental which was Mpura’s favourite and this makes version 2.0 extra special. Talk about closing a show with the bang! This song truly is the best send off.

Here are a few words shared by Busta 929:

  1. Which song from the EP reminds you about Mpura and why?

“The song that reminds me of Mpura is the ‘Umsebenzi Wethu 2.0’ track because he loved the instrumental and we would dance to it pulling our crazy dance moves. Unfortunately, he passed away before we could record and make a song from it. I just figured I should take the vocals from the original one and add them on the instrumental because he loved it”

2. What would you like people to remember Mpura for?

“I would love people to remember Mpura as he was, a very funny and humble guy as we would see from his live Instagram stories when he would interact with his fans and share his funny stories. I want people to remember him like that as the funny guy, Mpura wadi bedtime stories.”

  1. A message you would like to pass to Mpura.

“I would like to thank Mpura for being a part of my life, I enjoyed every moment I spent with him, and he was one of the few who could put a smile on my face. Today I can smile and interact with my fans because he taught me how to smile.”

The six track Umsebenzi Wethu EP Tribute to Mpura:

  1. Busta 929 Feat. Lady Du & Almighty – Interlude
  2. Busta 929 Feat. Mpura, Sje Konka & Thembii.N – Usizo
  3. Busta 929 Feat. Almighty, Soulful G, Mzu M & Mgiftoz SA – Mamaye
  4. Busta 929 Feat. Almighty & Mgiftoz SA – Nompumelelo
  5. Busta 929 Feat. Boohle – Ngixolele
  6. Busta 929 Feat. Mpura, Lady Du & Zuma – Umsebenzi Wethu 2.0

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